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High Tea

The ritual of afternoon tea owes its origins to Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford.

As a young woman in the early 1800s she lived during a time when it was common to eat only two main meals a day, with breakfast scheduled early in the morning and dinner occurring late in the evening.

Weakened and irritated by hunger pangs each day, she decided to schedule time to take tea and snack each afternoon.
This private ceremony was firstly done furtively in her bedroom, but over time well-heeled acquaintances joined her and the practice was perpetuated.

The View Boutique Hotel offers a High Tea Menu for special occasions such as bachelorettes, Baby Showers and family and social gatherings.

Either served in the cosy lounges, or out on the patio overlooking the vast grounds and the city, this traditional afternoon tea includes a menu with a variety for you to select from.



  • Buttermilk scones served with Mascarpone cream, homemade preserves and grated creamy gouda.
  • White chocolate éclairs Filled with dark chocolate mousse topped with white chocolate shavings.
  • Cake station - Red velvet cup -cakes, Citrus chiffon cake, Passion fruit cheesecake, Spicy carrot cake, Chocolate mousse cake, assorted macaroons, Traditional petit fours.
  • Gourmet sandwiches - Grilled chicken Ciabatta, Pancetta and tomato Rye,
    Three-cheese and pesto baguette and Cucumber aioli Brioche
  • Individually plated salads - Langoustine cocktail, roast peppers Arugula, Pumpkin and feta with pepita, grilled pears and blue cheese with pecans and Chicken Caesar salad
  • Quiche stations - Bacon and leek, Red onion marmalade and feta, Spinach and blue cheese,
  • Beef and mushroom and Smoked kippers and spring onion
  • Assorted teas - Earl Grey, Jasmine Dragon, Ginger & Honey, Rooibos Chai, Green Tea, Fruits if the Forest
  • Home-made iced teas
  • Citrus, rosemary and cucumber and apple and thyme


Enjoy freshly made breakfast from our breakfast menu each morning on the patio and in our onsite restaurant, overlooking the view of the city.



Pampering guests with freshly prepared food and fine wine is part of life at
The View Boutique Hotel.

Enjoy exceptional cuisine Monday through Sunday at 1888 @ The View, our onsite restaurant.

Rewind with an evening cocktail or glass of wine and an Appetizer Platter on the patio.

If you cherish bespoke dining options, we offer you our very own exclusive and customized signature Fine Dining restaurant.

We offer you the choice of handcrafted three course menu’s designed by our Chefs, complemented by wines and beverages.

We decorate your table with the finest appointments, allowing you to savour world-class cuisine and a picture-perfect evening.

Reserve a table 4 hours in advance to allow us the time to make your evening memorable.


Event Dining

Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, family reunion, a social gathering or a corporate retreat, The View BoutiquenHotel offers everything you need for an unforgettable event.

We can host up to 150 guests using a variety of indoor and outdoor space. Ask our dedicated team to assist you with preparations of your event.

Our culinary team can create a custom menu for any size event. Casual box lunches for your conference group. A seated lunch for your business meeting.

A sensational multi-course dinner that will dazzle your wedding guests. We can handle it all and serve it up with a smile.


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